Shopping for a Fit Girl? Holiday gift guide 2012.


Fitness Gift Guide 2012It’s my third annual gift buying guide for the Fit Girl in your life!

I have hand-picked some of the awesome fitness & wellness things I discovered in 2012. Whether she is your wife, your mama, your sister, bestie or boss I think the healthy and vibrant Fit Girl in your life will love these things too!







If your Fit Girl is anything like me she reads the ingredient labels on her food and her beauty products and wouldn’t dare butter up her broccoli or her body with harsh chemicals. She’ll approve of these good-for-you-and-the-earth beauty products.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Peppermint Lip ButterPeppermint Lip Butter by Rocky Mountain Soap Company 

It’s all in the name. Minty fresh and smooth like butter. I love the subtle tingle and I use it under lipstick daily for extra moisturizing. Your fit girl will approve of Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s commitment to 100% natural ingredients and zero environmental impact.

$5 CAD

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Vanilla Candy Cane Body Scrub by Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Rocky Mountain Vanilla Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

This holiday scrub is one sweet treat your Fit Girl will love to find in her stocking. I found one in my stocking last year and it’s festive candy cane scent brought back the spirit of the holidays every time I used it right into the summer. I love the refreshing tingle and how my freshened skin sparkles with the nourishing oils.

And do I ever appreciate the brilliant packaging. A nod to whoever put a hinged flip top lid on a beveled container. No struggling with slippery hands to hold the jar or screw on the top.

$23 CAD

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She challenges her body and nurtures her spirit daily. Why do you think she has so much energy, looks so great and you absolutely love being around her?  These gifts will help your Fit Girl stay strong inside and out.

The Human Trainer | Radiance WellnessThe Human Trainer suspension gym by Astone Fitness

It’s portable, versatile and can challenge every muscle for a solid strength workout. A Human Trainer suspension gym will let your Fit Girl squeeze in home workouts when she can’t get to the gym, take her workouts out into the sunshine and fresh air, or on the road when she travels miles from a gym.

My original review post

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Three Minute Eggs

Your Fit Girl’s weekly routine of awesomeness probably includes a regular Yoga practice. If she likes to strike her warrior pose in the living room you can help her take her practice to a new level with a set of funky new yoga blocks.

Side Angle Pose Three Minute Eggs
Three Minute Egg- Namaste

The Three Minute Eggs’ intelligent egg shape design make the traditional yoga block seem….well…..blocky. I like how the egg shape allows me to effortlessly grip the block so it serves as an extension of my hand. The tapered shape can wedge into nooks and crannies where a traditional block just won’t fit.

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Chopra Center Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Guidebook. A travel guide for the conscious explorer. By David Simon

Spiritual laws of Yoga by David SimonI recently saw Deepak Chopra speak here in Vancouver and after the presentation I perused the Chopra Centre booth where I discovered the Yoga Guidebook. A beautiful coffee table style book to help your Fit Girl go beyond the poses and embrace the spiritual aspects of Yoga. Featuring daily mantras, poems and inspiration.

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 $30.00 (US)

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Superfoods are loaded full of essential nutrients. Each of these ‘treats’ are loaded with a superfood that will satisfy your Fit Girls’s sweet tooth yet power her up with health & vitality!


 ZIMT Artisan Chocolate, Salt of the Earth with pink sea salt starsZimt Artisan Chocolate

I am really liking this new paradigm shift where chocolate is no longer considered candy, but a superfood. I had the pleasure of sampling a Zimt Salt of the Earth bar recently and immediately restructured my life to include them as part of my vibrant living lifestyle.

The only ingredients to melt into your Fit Girl’s mouth are cacao butter, coconut nectar, cacao powder & Red Alaea Sea Salt.

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jump up and go go ancient superfoodsJump up and Go GO Ancient Superfoods

I’m not a superstar in the kitchen so my superfood stock pile usually comes powdered or at least blender friendly. That’s why I really connected with the gals at Jump up and Go GO Ancient Superfoods when I sampled their superfood blend at a recent health fair.

Whether your Fit Girl is a chef extraordinaire or a smoothie queen like me, she will find a use for this blend of pure body & soul nurturing goodness with organic maca, cacoa, goji berries, acai berries, wheatgrass, hemp. beee pollen and spirulina.

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Brad’s Raw Chips

Please believe me, despite being raw and oil free these chips really are crunchy and super tasty. I received a bag of Sweet Potato flavored chips as a Halloween treat from one of my personal training clients.

A totally munchie-satisfying gluten-free vegan treat for your Fit Girl!  Make sure she shares them with you though, they contain more fibre than even a fit girl’s digestion may be able to handle.

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Urban Cultivator indoor home garden

Your fit girl is fresh faced because of her awesome workouts and her super fresh diet. She loads up on organic green leafies from the market and the cupboards are loaded with superfoods from around the world. But you can help her take fresh to the next level with a built-in indoor home garden. See the demo!

Yes, this luxury gift might require a mini home reno but the everyday glow on your Fit Girl will be worth it!

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Happy Shopping!


Author: Shari Zisk

Shari Zisk B.A., has been a fitness professional for over 20 years. She was born, raised and spent most of her fitness career in British Columbia, Canada. She now lives in the United States splitting time between Los Angeles and Atlanta. Shari writes full time about how to sweat, nourish and glow!

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