Shopping for a fit girl? Holiday gift ideas.


Holiday gift ideas for a fitness girl

Holiday Gift Guide 2011. A fit girl is never more happy than when she is being active. When she is fit she feels healthy and beautiful. A fit girl is stylish and discerning about what she puts on her body and in her body.

Here is my pick of smart gift ideas to support your fit girls’s active lifestyle. 

Compressport sports socks Seriously 3D Stockings

Seriously, how much technology can you cram into a pair of sport socks? Your fit girl will be pleasantly surprised that you scored her a pair of the Compressport Proracing socks.

She’ll love the funky 3D.DOT’s that provide accupressure in all the right spots, air flow, grip, water extraction and blister protection.

Not to mention they are anitbacterial and ergonomically correct. Phew, that’s alot of technology in a sock.

Available in trail, running and bike models.


“It’s impossible to go back to sport socks after wearing a pair of Compressport socks….”-Shari

Compressport website (Canada)

Compress website (US)


A Healthy Release 

Travel Roller

We now know that stretching is not always the best way to release a tight muscle or a elimnate trigger points (knots in muscle). Compression is a far superior way to get into the muscle to help it ‘release’.

A fit girl trains hard and knows that the best way to prepare for activity and to ‘regenerate’ after activity is with body rolling. The Travel Roller is the earth friendly and ergonomically correct body roller that your fit girl can fit in her gym bag.

Don’t forget the accupressure balls for those hard to reach trigger points and luxurious foot release!

“Learning about fascia and how to release my hypertonic (overactive) muscles has dramatically changed my physique. I  use my Travel roller daily to release my hip flexors to realign my hips and release my pectorals to correct my rounded shoulders”-Shari



Travel Roller website

Shop now (US, Canada, international)

Fresh, fashionable fuel

Black + Blum Lunch PotA fit girl knows that the right fuel is the key to looking good and feeling great. Fresh and wholesome salads, hearty soups and energy packed snacks are on the menu every day and getting them to work has never been more simple and stylish.

She’ll love this award winning Lunch Pot by Black + Blum.  Watertight, includes spork, microwave and dishwasher safe and it’s BPA free.







Shop now Black+Blum Lunch Pot, Orange (US)

No room for a treadmill?

UGI Fitness

A UGI ball is one fitness tool I can use to work up a decent sweat in my living room and feel it the next day. My heart rate is just as high as it would be on a treadmill or elliptical.

It’s easy to store, there are hundreds of exercises and the included DVD workouts makes it one fitness tool that your fit girl will love.




Happy Training & Shopping, 


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Author: Shari Zisk

Shari Zisk B.A., has been a fitness professional for over 20 years. She was born, raised and spent most of her fitness career in British Columbia, Canada. She now lives in the United States splitting time between Los Angeles and Atlanta. Shari writes full time about how to sweat, nourish and glow!

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