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Intro to Hypopressives (Part 1)

Could the Hypopressive Method of core training revolutionize how we flatten our abdominals and restore the pelvic floor after pregnancy and childbirth? Using my kinesiology and personal training background here is my attempt to introduce and explain the Hypopressive method or technique, also now known as Low Pressure Fitness.

My favorite fitness things: Why I love my Reebok Deck

My favorite fitness things: Reebok Deck

There are a lot of fitness gadgets out there. To make it onto my list of “Favorite Fitness things’ is not easy. My list is small and it’s been a long time since I’ve added to it.

I’ve been thinking about this one for a long time; the Reebeck Deck is most definitely a piece of fitness equipment that I use all the time and have been using for years. I realized that this is one of my favorite fitness things recently when I built a small fitness room at my home and the first item on my shopping list was a Reebok Deck.

Teen fitness

Fitness for non-sporty teens

Got an inactive teen? The benefits of being physically active during the teen years extend far beyond just health and body weight management yet unfortunately most teens are missing out on the good stuff. A staggeringly low number of teens meet the daily physical activity requirements.
Here’s why your teen needs to get moving and sneaky ways to encourage an active lifestyle.

Personal stress soothers by Shari Feuz-Alive Magazine Feb 2014

Stress soothers

The hustle and bustle of the daily routine can frazzle our minds and tie our muscles up in knots. These do-it-yourself self-care techniques and soothing herbal remedies provide at-home relaxation—no massage therapist required. Valentine’s Day is a great time to pamper yourself with a little TLC.

Resltess legs - by shari feuz

Restless Legs-strategies to get a good night’s sleep

Subtle yet maddening. It’s how people describe restless legs that keep them awake night after night. Modern medicine has found no specific cause or cure for restless legs syndrome (RLS); however, there are natural remedies to help calm those annoying legs and their relentless demands to keep on moving…

Melt Method book by Sue Hitzmann

Book Review: The Melt Method by Sue Hitzmann

Yes, at first glance I totally prejudged Melt Method to be the gimmickry of yet another 6-pack flaunting fitness guru with their own ‘method’ and set of DVDs to sell to wishful masses of quick-fix health seekers.

Boy was I wrong. I can honestly say now that this is the stuff that years of dedicated passion, intensive research, unique ‘energy’ gifts and thousands of hours of practical application produced.