Personal Training with Shari Zisk

What do you want to do?

Reconnect to your body after having a baby
Eliminate mystery back, neck and head pain
Follow doctors orders and lower your blood pressure or cholesterol
Fortify your bones with a strength training program
Look 10 years younger
Wear a bikini..and feel good about it (or maybe just a sleeveless shirt)
Get big muscles like Arnold
Fit into your favorite jeans, dress, suit…again
Improve your game (tennis, skiing, swimming, bowling, wrestling with your teenagers, etc…)
Get out of the house and learn something new

Why work with a personal trainer?

There are so many factors that can limit your progress or halt it completely. Time and time again I have seen the following issues prevent people from getting their best body and best health:

You will not strengthen your muscles if you have trigger points.

You will not grow your muscles if you have trigger points.

Your chances of injury will increase if you do not correct your postural alignment before beginning an advanced training program.

You will not perform exercises properly and effectively if you have restricted joint motion.

You will not flatten your stomach if you have digestion issues.

You will undo all of your hard work if you go back to an office that is not set up ergonomically.

You will not lose weight with exercise alone.



"Over the last 20 years I have worn many hats in the fitness industry. I have done everything from personal training, running a personal training studio, selling fitness equipment, writing about health and fitness, hosting fitness conferences, and publishing a wellness magazine. Having seen fitness from every angle, my personal training company combines best practices in health maintenance, physique transformation and business excellence."
Shari ZiskPersonal Trainer

Signature Packages

It took 20 years to develop my Signature personal training package: Sweat. Nourish. Glow.

I studied human movement in University for 5 years, followed by 20 years of one-on-one private training and managing teams of personal trainers.

This is the best of the best.

Click to read the details. 

Meet your trainer


It depends on the season. Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York. Please inquire.


I am traveling quite extensively right now and am only available for limited engagements.

Let me know your needs and we'll see if we can connect!

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Let’s chat first

Still not sure what a personal fitness trainer can do for you? Let me tell you.

We’ll start with a conversation on the phone where I can introduce myself and answer your questions about the changes you intend to make in your life.

No charge for this real-time ice-breaker, and no obligation, just a chat.


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