People Glow

They really do glow. Whether it is because they eat a nutritious diet full of life-giving properties, or they have just enjoyed a kick-butt workout, they really do glow. They are radiant!

Welcome to Radiance Wellness

I'm Shari Zisk

Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer, Freelance Writer

For the last 20 years I have lived and breathed all things fitness and wellness.

My career, my hobby, and my passions all intertwine as one big healthy and fit life full of green smoothies, pumping iron and various other sweaty endeavors. Read my fitness biography here.

I started sharing my insider perspective here on my blog in 2009 with nearly 2 decades of industry experience as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, membership director, club manager and fitness director in Victoria and Vancouver British Columbia Canada.

I review fitness and wellness books, classes and gadgets. I design smart and fun workouts. I share industry knowledge.  

Follow this fitness junkie as my dreams come true...

In 2017 I began a new phase in my life. I became a new mom and a new Californian. Now, before me lies the opportunity to explore the fitness and wellness Mecca that is Los Angeles.  The juice bars, the cafes, the gyms, the classes, the gadgets, the gurus and the celebs. It's all at my sunny doorstep.

WHOA!! East Coast detour!!
I'm taking this show on the road! Follow me as I split time between Atlanta & New York City for Fall and Winter 2018 & 19.  I'll live like locals in these two great cities and sample all the best fitness and wellness out there!!
Join me on my Radiant adventure.

(Things are under construction here so excuse the mess)

Shari ZiskB.A. Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer, Freelance Writer
Shari Zisk Radiance Wellness

Who am I?


I have lived in greater Los Angeles, California since 2015 but was born and raised in British Columbia Canada. 

I studied kinesiology (Human Movement) and earned my degree at the University of Victoria (2000). I put myself through university working in fitness centers and personal training clients in their homes. I have been a certified personal trainer for almost 18 years. Read my full fitness bio.

I became a new Mom in Fall 2015.

I am a fitness conference junkie and attend as many events as I can. 

I have absolutely no coordination and can’t hear the beat in music so aerobics and dance style fitness classes are out of the question for me.

I originally wanted to go to business school and study marketing but ended up with a human kinetics degree. In the meantime I continued to study marketing and advertising on my own and now love to ‘sell fitness’. 

My Great, great grandfather was an official  Swiss mountain guide from the Alps region of Switzerland. In the early 1900’s he and his sons went to Canada and made hundreds of first peak ascents in the Canadian Rocky mountains.

My wellness exploration started in my early teens. I discovered the ‘gym’ as a drop-in guest of one of my best friends who had a membership to Jump & Pump (Yes, that was the name of the gym). I fell in love with fitness and soon became obsessed with ensuring my workouts were intelligent and my body was fueled daily with optimum amounts of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and muscle-building protein. I needed to make sure I was fully fueled for my workouts and sufficiently nourished to recover from them. It inspired me to spend 5 awesome years studying human movement in university (UVic 2000).


What you will find here

Product reviews - Fitness equipment, gadgets and apparel that I've tried and loved, or think you should stay away from.

Book Reviews - I cover health and fitness musts and books to read with caution.

Workouts- Whether you are sculpting your dream physique, getting rid of your slouchy posture or trying to live longer and with more vitality, you will find intelligently designed workouts that you can grab & go.

Research articles- I use my degree in human movement, my 20 years experience in the fitness industry, plus  I pour through tonnes of peer reviewed research to craft articles to help you make sense of the latest trends and research.

Advice- Ask me about getting fit or working in the fitness industry

Areas of interest

My favorite topics to write about

Body Sculpting- What does it take to shape your physique? I write about training techniques, fat loss and a bit about nutrition.

Gear and apparel- What's hot and trendy and what actually works. I love trying out new equipment and sharing the good and the bad. I am a fitness conference junkie and share all the cool and cheesy stuff I discover.

Psychology- What motivates people to become and stay active? 

Teen fitness- I am a big promoter of the critical importance of youth being vigorously physically active throughout their teen years.

Posture- I speak about posture ALOT and I share how to assess and correct your alignment to eliminate aches and pains and look younger and more fit. 

Active aging- I share the many benefits of staying active throughout the lifespan and how to get active. It's never too late to start.


Values & Beliefs

 I believe…

In the in the whole-person wellness model, which includes six dimensions: physical, spiritual, emotional, vocational intellectual and social.

That bodies of all ages benefit from physical activity.

That regardless of ability, people can embrace a wellness lifestyle.  

That daily fresh air, pure water, sunshine, life-giving food and movement are essential for health and vitality.

In a natural method of healthcare that focuses on the whole person and that healing occurs from within, not from a pill .

That our emotions are intricately linked to our body, and negative emotions should be addressed for whole-person wellness to be achieved.

That we all prosper when we surround ourselves with, and do business with wholesome, caring people.

That being active should be fun!