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There are a handful of ‘things’ that I use all the time to support my active lifestyle. There are fitness tools, gear and clothing that I have had for years and serve such an important role in my active life that I would surely have to replace them if they wore out or went missing. My Bliss Skort is one of my favorite fitness things!

I recently noticed some frayed threads hanging from my fabulous Skort (shorts and skirt in one, made by prAna) and realized that it is almost 6 years old. It has been on every plane ride and road trip I have been on in those 6 years. I live in it all summer long whether I am out for lunch, walking the dog through the neighbourhood, climbing the pyramids in Coba Mexico, trekking through a canyon in Banff National Park, camping at Cannon Beach Oregon, or power shopping in Vegas. I have done it all in my skort.

Why my Bliss Skort deserves its name:

Lightweight material is super comfortable, keeps me cool in the hottest weather and doesn’t stick to my legs.

Stretchy fabric with shorts underneath allows me to climb big mountains and get into compromising positions to take those perfect photos.

Stylish and versatile! Dress it up for a summer brunch on the patio with friends or pair with some hiking boots for a day in the mountains.

Dries super fast making it the perfect beach cover up or camping friendly apparel.

Has taken a beating over the years and hasn’t stained, faded or torn.

Bliss Skort by Prana

prAna Women’s Bliss Skort


Do you have a favorite article of clothing or gear that supports your active lifestyle?

Author: Shari Zisk

Shari Zisk B.A., has been a fitness professional for over 20 years. She was born, raised and spent most of her fitness career in British Columbia, Canada. She now lives in the United States splitting time between Los Angeles and Atlanta. Shari writes full time about how to sweat, nourish and glow!

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