7 reasons why I will not kick your butt on your first training session

Here are 7 reasons why I do not do full intensity workouts for one-time clients or on the first training session:

Core function

Unless they have had previous training, 90% of the people I work with for the first time are unable to voluntarily contract their Transversus Abdominis (TVA). TVA stabilizes the spine to protect it from injury and provides a foundation of support to optimize ALL movement. Of course I will not challenge you if your core is not ‘turned on’. I like to assess core function and strength before I ask it to support you.

Range of motion

Even in really flexible or fit people I can still generally find a joint that isn’t working properly because the muscles surrounding it are too tight. Loading up a joint with resistance or an explosive move just isn’t smart. I like to assess your range of motion first.

Postural alignment

One of the best exercises for shapely shoulders is a shoulder press, but if you sit all day at a computer and have developed forward head posture and rounded shoulders, I definitely will not have you do a shoulder press until we correct your alignment. Training with faulty postural alignment may cause injury and will most definitely impede your fitness progress. I like to assess your alignment first.

Blood pressure

“I feel fine, this is easy” is a phrase I have heard far too many times before a new exerciser became light headed and nauseated. Undiagnosed or exercise induced low blood pressure is more common than you think. I like to observe your physiological response to various movements, weight loads and changes in space before I have you jump around too much.

S.A.I.D. principle

Specific adaptation to imposed demand. This age old training principle means that I will not overload your muscles with a weight or exercise until it is adequately conditioned to safely take the load. I like to know your training history so I know what your muscles have been up to, or haven’t been doing.

Strength base

Explosive training is most definitely a functional way to train and is super calorie burning, but remember that Power= Strength + Speed. If you haven’t built a strength base then you don’t have all components of the formula to do effective power training. I like to build a strength base first.

Poker face

Some exercisers turn beet red, huff, puff, wince and groan at the slightest intensity. Others completely fail to emote anything at all regardless of the burning pain. Until I know your pain threshold and can interpret your poker face, I’ll refrain from unleashing anything wicked on the training floor.

That is what puts the PERSONAL in personal training, and why you needed so much ice after that bootcamp class you took last summer!

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