Hot yoga without the puddle. The towel woes of sweaty yogis.

eQua Hot Yoga TowelDespite  15 years of super intense workouts in the gym, nothing prepared me for the amount of sweat produced in a hot yoga session. Hot Yoga is my new love, it feels so amazing to sweat, but what to do with it all?

The little face towel I brought to my first class served its purpose for about  3 minutes and the rest of the class I was slipping and sliding.

Next class I dug out a couple of old towels no longer suitable for display in the bathroom and resorted to a towel rotation system to keep dry. Looking around the room I think everyone else does the same. There are usually Disney themed beach towels and once beautiful bath towels now torn and faded.

The worst part is rolling up your towel at the end of class and transporting it home. Thank goodness for my antibacterial-lined gym bag!

Finally someone had the bright idea of creating a towel just for hot yoga. According to creator and distributor Manduka, The eQua Hot Yoga Towel is not only super moisture absorbing, but it is also slip resistant and it is designed to fit the standard yoga mat.

Gotta love simple solutions that support our active lifestyles!

Image: eQua Hot Yoga Towel

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