Fitness goes tech in 2010: miCoach Virtual Running Partner by Adidas


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Getting in shape used to require just a pair of shoes and shorts. Now I carry a super-size gym bag to haul all of my fitness gear and it takes me an extra couple of minutes just to gear up before I even start my workout.

As a fitness freak/techie nerd, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t break a sweat without my heart rate monitor strapped on, my workout playlist cued on my MP3 player and if I am going for a run there is a step/speed counter in my shoe. And yes, I like to upload the data to my computer and look at the pretty graphs and pie charts of my workout.

2010 looks like it is going to be an exciting year for people like me.

The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show is pulsing with technology giants showcasing the latest in computers, gaming, audio, visual, and gadgets galore. The miCoach virtual running partner by Adidas is one of the newly launched fitness tools we look forward to trying out this year.  



The power of a coach

During a recent run my attention started to drift. There was pound of fresh organic blueberries sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to become my post-run smoothie. Yum, the thought was enough to make me cut my run short and head home for the blender. Now if I had a virtual partner coaching my run I would have known that I was just about to beat my personal record, or that I was only a few short steps from reaching my goal. By knowing my strategic plan coupled with a few words of encouragement I would have kept up the pace and ran hard to the end. That is the power of coaching and goal setting.

Virtual Trainer

Adidas knows all too well the importance of good coaching and has harnessed its powers into a virtual running trainer. Using workout intensity derived from your heart rate, the miCoach virtual running trainer allows you to use personal coaching to lose weight, improve running performance, or simply get fit.

The miCoach Pacer is a small lightweight device that delivers real-time audible coaching (via headphones) as you exercise. Or the miCoach Zone delivers your coaching via a colour-code LED display on a wristband device. At you can create personalized training programs, set goals and monitor your progress over time.

Check out the demo videos:

Adidas miCoach Canada

Adidas miCoach USA

Despite the fact that the miCoach might just make you think twice about hiring a personal trainer (like myself) to guide you in reaching your fitness goals, I believe we will see an increasing number of success stories with virtual trainers and programs.


Happy training in 2010!

TalkBack Questions

Has a virtual coach helped you get fit, lose weight or run faster?

What is your review of miCoach?

Do you use another virtual coach?

Do you find it motivational to see visual progress of your workouts (ie; visual charts that show time, distance, personal bests, etc)?





Image credit: Adidas



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