Stress soothers

Personal stress soothers by Shari Feuz-Alive Magazine Feb 2014

The hustle and bustle of the daily routine can frazzle our minds and tie our muscles up in knots. These do-it-yourself self-care techniques and soothing herbal remedies provide at-home relaxation—no massage therapist required. Valentine’s Day is a great time to pamper yourself with a little TLC. […]

Book Review: The Melt Method by Sue Hitzmann

Melt Method book by Sue Hitzmann

Yes, at first glance I totally prejudged Melt Method to be the gimmickry of yet another 6-pack flaunting fitness guru with their own ‘method’ and set of DVDs to sell to wishful masses of quick-fix health seekers. Boy was I wrong. I can honestly say now that this is the stuff that years of dedicated passion, intensive research, unique ‘energy’ gifts and thousands of hours of practical application produced. […]

Use your Skintelligence for better yoga, fitness and posture

Image credit: Flikr: Lululemon Athletica

The term Skintelligence was coined by movement specialist Mary Bond and it refers to our sense of touch and the brilliant connection between the skin of our hands and our posture and coordination of the whole body. After reading Bond’s New Rules of Posture: How to Sit, Stand, and Move in the Modern World several months ago I developed a whole new respect for the palms of my hands and have been fascinated observing the powerful role of my skin in my strength workouts, yoga practice and posture in general. […]

No more hunchback brides. A plan to eliminate rounded shoulders.

Rounded shoulders | Perfect Posture for Brides by Shari Feuz

Rounded shoulders and a protruding belly are two common posture problems that really detract from the beauty and elegance of any dress, even if you are lean and toned. […]

A magical hip flexor release

Magically hips-roll out the hip flexors

I spent the last week formulating my own little hip flexor release routine and the results are amazing. I feel like a I am wearing a tutu of swirling energy around my hips and I almost feel like dancing (I said almost). Here’s my magical hip release routine. It’s a bit lengthy but so worth it. […]

The ultimate posture guide for brides

Perfect Posture for Brides | Radiance Wellness by Shari Feuz

Think of all the time and energy you will put into getting ready for your big day. Months of dieting and grueling bridal bootcamp fitness classes to slim down and tone up. And then on the big day you slip into your beautiful dress with your polished nails, gorgeous hair and make-up and Yikes… where did those unsightly rounded shoulders come from? […]

Hidden Injuries. Listen to your joints when they speak to you.

Image credit: Alive Magazine

Exercise-related injuries are sneaky and can creep up without you ever knowing what happened. Listen to your joints when they speak to you. The subtle shoulder twinge, inflamed elbow, or grinding knee just might be your joints letting you know they aren’t very happy with your workouts. […]

Postnatal fitness for mature moms

Postnatal fitness

Even if your baby is in college, you may still need to adapt your fitness program to your postpartum body. Carrying, giving birth to and raising a baby can cause muscle imbalances that can persist decades after baby is born, if not corrected. Here are some issues that may be linked to your baby rearing days and what you can do about it. […]

7 reasons why you should have a posture analysis before you begin a fitness program

Assess your posture before your begin a fitness program

A snapshot of your postural alignment contains some of the most important information needed to customize your fitness training program. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider having a physical and a lifestyle assessment of your alignment before you hit the weights. […]

Active sitting solutions for optimal fitness


Intelligent and iconic yes, but can a chair be healthy and inspiring too? […]

My Peloton Just arrived!

love my peloton bike

My Peloton bike just arrived! Will it become one of my Favorite Fitness things? Review coming soon!

Monkii Bars for my backyard

Monkii Bars for my backyard

Just got a new pair of Monkii Bars for my outdoor workouts! Review coming soon!

Have you MELTED yet?

MELT METHOD by Sue HItzmann

I just completed the MELT METHOD Hand and Foot Instructor training with Sue Hitzmann, and read the MELT book. Here's what I think!

My Favorite Fitness Things by Shari Feuz


UGI Workouts?

Looking for custom UGI workouts?

Side Angle Pose Three Minute Eggs

Coming soon! My review of Three Minute Eggs, the new yoga block.

Tight hip flexors

Tight hip flexors will throw you out of alignment. Here's my favorite way to release them.


UGI Fitness

The newest tool in my training toolbox. Meet UGI.

Bridal Bootcamp

Forget Bridal Bootcamp to look stunning in your wedding dress

Thrive Diet by Brendan Brazier

The Thrive Diet by Brendan Brazier. Thinking of going vegan?