Shopping for a fit girl 2016

Shopping for a fit girl 2016 by Shari Zisk

Do you have a fit girl in your life? Maybe she’s your super health conscious girlfriend,  your exercise obsessed bestie, a fitness maven co-worker, or your wellness trend-setting mom. Or maybe someone you really care about needs a little guidance get her glow on. Are you stuck for unique gift ideas?  Surprise her this gift giving season with some ultra stylish and functional gifts that will support her healthy and active lifestyle.  

In 2016 I discovered some really awesome fitness and wellness finds so here's my annual gift guide for the fit girl in your life.

Note: All prices and offers are current at the time of posting but are subject to change.

Active wear

The Undress Sport

The Undress Sport

Does your fit girl carry workout clothes in the car just in case she can fit in a workout? Does she spot a grassy field and dash over for a quickie? She’ll be able to squeeze in a few more impromptu workouts in impractical spots with the Undress where she can change into her workout gear in a flash…no change room required.  

The Undress Sport is a comfortable and stylish dress that also acts as a change room.  This Kickstarter funded innovation is really quite brilliant, you really have to see how it works here. 


Shop the Undress website 

Balega hidden comfort socks

Balega Hidden Comfort socks

I discovered Balega's incredibly comfortable performance socks one day after I raided my husbands sock drawer looking for socks to workout in. I never gave them back and have since invested in my own colorful collection. Who knew a sock could feel so good? If your fit girl only owns classic white economy sport socks,  you'll be giving her sock drawer a serious upgrade by treating her to a pair of Balega Hidden Comfort socks.


Shop the Balega website  

Buy from Amazon 

Exercise equipment

soma sole resistance exercise bands

Soma Sole 

So soft and so pretty… I bet you didn’t think I was referring to my workout resistance bands.  SomaSole is a resistance band workout system and your fit girl will love this set of sculpting tools she can take anywhere. 

The unique ‘soles’ provide an attachment point at your ankles for the band to clip onto. It eliminates the need for an external anchor, and prevents you from becoming all tangled up in your band when trying to get enough resistance at the right angle. 

$79 reg. ( Sale: $51.99 with code ‘HOLIDAY’)

Shop the Somasole website  


Sandbells by Hyperwear

Does your fit girl workout at home or outdoors? She definitely needs a few more small-space friendly workout tools to add some novelty to her home sculpting sessions.

You can really weigh her holiday stocking down with a couple of Sandbells. Sandbells are sand-filled neoprene sacs or dumbbells. They add resistance to a workout in the way a dumbbell can, plus a whole lot of really cool other ways.

Get the pre-filled ones to ensure you have the right type of sand (dust free) and to save the hassle of filling yourself.

They come in 2-50lbs increments however I recommend starting with one 8.0 lb and one 12 lb Sandbell which seems to work well in my home gym  (you don't need pairs)

$24.99 (8.0 lbs)

$34.99 (12 lbs)

Shop the Hyperwear website

Get Sandbells from Amazon



Peloton exercise bike

Peloton indoor cycle and live classes

Does your fit girl love indoor cycling but find it hard to get to class? She will sing your praises with every sweaty pedal stroke as she blasts an insane amount of calories right at home on her very own Peloton indoor exercise bike, lead by a live instructor with a rockin' playlist.

$1995  plus delivery and a monthly subscription fee of $39 is required for live and on demand classes.

Shop the Peloton website using my invite 


Life-changing foods by Anthony William

Does your fit girl have a spiritual side? Does she meditate in the morning to start her day? Is she constantly searching for natural healing remedies? Does she say a sweet blessing before she eats? She will surely embrace all of the healing strategies that Medical Medium Anthony William hears from “spirit’ and shares in his book Life-Changing Foods.

I made sure this book is in the hands of everyone I love, and believe everyone should hear the beautiful body and soul healing approach.  This life changing book contains healing messages that are incredibly powerful, yet so so simple. It’s a game changer when it comes to how we nourish our bodies and souls.


Get one from Amazon


Oil blends by Saje Natural Wellness

I just found out that my favorite natural wellness brand is opening a new store 10 minutes away from me.  I had always lived near a Saje Natural Wellness store but left them all  behind when I moved to California. For 15 years Saje was my go-to wellness shop for myself and for gifts for every occasion. Here are some great picks for stockings, hostess gifts, teacher gifts this holiday season! 

Pocket farmacy remedy kit

 A really helpful little kit of oil blends for the girl who likes to keep her remedies pure and simple.


Shop the Saje website 

Essential Oil diffuser blends These diffuser blends are the best! I have never been able to find better essential oil blends. Here are my faves: Starting at $16.95 depending on blend and size.


Citrus dream 



Have fun shopping for your fit girl!


Looking for more gift ideas for your fit girl?

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