My favorite fitness things: Reebok Deck

Favorite Fitness Things-Reebok Deck. There are a lot of fitness gadgets out there. To make it on my list of “Favorite Fitness things’ is not easy. My list is small and it’s been a long time since I’ve added to it.

There are a lot of fitness gadgets out there. To make it on my list of “Favorite Fitness things’ is not easy. My list is small and it’s been a long time since I’ve added to it. 

I’ve been thinking about this one for a long time; the Reebok Deck is most definitely a piece of fitness equipment that I use all the time and have used for years. I realized that this is one of my favorite fitness things recently when I built a small fitness room at my home and the first item on my shopping list was a Reebok Deck.

Here’s why I highly recommend one as smart and valuable tool for my personal fitness, as well as for my clients in either their home or any gym or studio. 

Don’t mistake it for a ‘Step’

No one runs away from Step aerobics class faster than I do, so halt any thoughts you may have about Step class, choreography or fitness involving unitards. The Deck is so very different. Think of it more like a portable bench, box, and anchor for resistance bands all-in-one. It is very sturdy with a non-slip surface so I can use it for high-speed stepping and jumping as well as a bench for heavier dumbbell work. And it is light enough to pack around the gym or outdoors for quick exercise changes and versatility.

I first used one back in 2006 at the boutique personal training studio where I worked. We had three of them in the studio and I ended up using them everyday with all of my personal training clients. When I took a new position managing a much bigger fitness centre I immediately invested in three Decks and before long the members and trainers couldn’t imaging training without them.

The Specs

44″L x 13″W

Height adjusts from 8″ to 14″ (20.5cm to 35.5cm)

Weight: 26.5 lbs (12 Kg)

Manufactured by: Reebok

Features I like

2 heights with easy adjustments 8″ to 14″ (20.5cm to 35.5cm)

In order to set up my stepping surfaces I used to have to wander around the gym and look for risers and then haul them and the step surface around the gym. With the Reebok Deck it is all one piece, the risers are built-in so there are no parts to find and stack. This makes the workout so much more efficient and the deck way more sturdy than the classic step+riser that I used to use.

The height adjustment is simple and quick, simply release the hinged risers on both or one side and the riser locks into place. It is easy enough for quick changes for circuit style workouts or just quick transitions.

I use for: Step-ups, side squats, multi-height push-ups, plyos, etc…

3 Levels of incline

In my small space I use my deck as my multi-purpose bench. It operates as a flat bench, seated bench, incline bench and decline platform. Simply lift the deck surface and slide the support bar into one of 3 notches for a sturdy back rest or incline surface. Drop one of the legs for a decline platform.

I use for: Basically anything you can do on a multi-incline bench: Tricep push-ups at various heights, Flat or incline dumbbell chest press, dumbbell chest flies, EZ Curl triceps, bent-over rows, seated exercises etc…

Tubing Anchors

I can anchor my resistance tubes in 6 different places on the deck. A series of notches below the Deck surface as well as on the legs are designed to run a tube through. This allows for secure anchoring and it since the deck doesn’t compress the tube the resistance isn’t affected and your tubes and bands don’t get beat up.

I use for: Standing bicep curls, lateral shoulder raises, front shoulder raises

Other great features and uses

  • Grab and go. I haul mine outside and move it around quickly between exercises. (Although at 26.5 lbs it is not as portable for frail exercisers)
  • Sometimes you just need something to stand on to reach a chin up bar, or attach a cable handle.
  • The Deck is long enough for partner workouts. It accommodates one person sitting on either end, kneeling on opposite sides or stepping on opposite ends.
  • There is storage space under the deck for resistance bands and small weights.
  • The Deck makes a great stretching tool. I use it to grip, pull, bend, put my feet on during my stretching. I just add my mat on top of the Deck or next to it on the floor.
  • It is great for adaptive exercises for those unconditioned, new to fitness or with restricted mobility. I use the Deck with people who can’t fully squat, older adults who are unable to get on the floor and for teaching basic moves.
  • It is easy to store I fold the risers in and lean the Deck against the wall to create more floor space in my small home gym.
  • At around $200, I believe it is a super versatile, economical and space-saving home fitness tool.

Watch out for

  • A serious pinch hazard! Make sure your fingers are not in the way when the handle releases the lower leg or you can expect a lot of swearing. It is extremely painful! Fingers releasing the lower leg will get crushed if they are in the way when the lower leg swings open. I have personally experienced this (ouch) and have seen several others in gym settings do the same.
  • The rubber surface features nubs for awesome foot grip while standing and stepping, however when lying or kneeling on the Deck those nubs are a little awkward and painful. I use a Yoga mat on the surface and a folded towel when sitting, laying or kneeling on the Deck
  • Heavy lifters (and people), the Deck is made of plastic so even though it is sturdy and durable if you have big muscles dreams or want to do some serious pounding I suggest you invest in a commercial bench or hit the gym.
  • Don’t mistake it for the Reebok Step, the Deck’s features are what make it desirable.

Bonus: Are you a stay-at-home mom and need a super versatile, economical and space-saving home fitness tool to stay fit and toned? Stay tuned as I share the home workouts I did on my Reebok Deck throughout pregnancy and with a new baby!

I really do love my Reebok Deck and use it everyday and honestly can’t think of any other tool or gadget I can say the same about!

Happy Training, 


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