Detox Your Workout

Detox your workout. |Radiance Wellness by Shari Feuz | Sweat out toxins, don’t absorb them.

How many toxins are we exposed to during a workout? You might be surprised. Fitness rituals are a possible source of hidden health-compromising toxins. Here’s how to avoid breathing, wearing, applying, and sipping toxins—before, during, and after workouts.
Sweat for health
Sweating is recognized as a method of health promotion that dates back to ancient times. It has been well documented that skin is an important organ of elimination.
New research demonstrates that sweating might even be an excellent way to excrete certain toxic elements. Researchers found higher concentrations of heavy metals in participants’ sweat than in their urine. Other toxins identified in participants’ sweat were not found in their blood serum, which tells us that some toxins are stored in body tissues and might not be eliminated through other methods.
Sweat is produced in glands just under the skin in response to heat and/or stress. A bout in a sauna or physical exercise will kick the body’s thermoregulatory system into gear to produce sweat. Maximal sweating generally occurs within about 15 minutes, and fluid loss may be as high as two litres per hour in a person accustomed to sweating.

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Alive Magazine May 2014 |Radiance Wellness| Shari Feuz

This article is originally published in the May 2014 print issue of Alive Magazine.


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