7-Minute Glute Sculpting Workout-With Ugi

7-minute glute sculpter with UGIThis little routine can be done on its own as a quick glute workout or added to  a full body workout. It features ‘big’ moves that uses the glutes with synergistic muscles: hamstrings & back. That also means that you’ll get your heart rate up too!

PDF Handout Here











Set your interval timer for 1:00 min x 7 or 14 intervals.


Squat to press

Hip Raise I (shoulders on ball)

Woodchop – L

Woodchop – R

Hip Raise II (feet on ball)

Single Leg Deadlift -L

Single Leg Deadlift -R

Repeat twice if you have time and energy!




Author: Shari Zisk

Shari Zisk B.A., has been a fitness professional for over 20 years. She was born, raised and spent most of her fitness career in British Columbia, Canada. She now lives in the United States splitting time between Los Angeles and Atlanta. Shari writes full time about how to sweat, nourish and glow!

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