A morning UGI routine for clearing the cobwebs

Morning UGI Routine | Radiance Wellness by Shari FeuzWhat does your morning Hour of Power ritual look like? Or is it more like your 30 Minutes to Thrive or 15 Minutes to Fulfillment as Tony Robbins would have us do daily to cultivate our Personal Power?

A morning workout most definitely sets the tone for the day. It clears the mind, allows time and space for creative thoughts to arrive, it loosens up the joints and muscles and even gives the skin a radiant glow. 

But morning workouts are not always practical when your workday starts early, when you don’t have a gym nearby, or if you are a fair-weather runner like myself and can’t seem to embrace the cold, dark and wet mornings of Winter. (Ahhh Vancouver).

I have developed a little morning routine with my UGI ball that doesn’t replace a morning workout (or an afternoon one) but it serves many of the same purposes, to get rid of the morning cobwebs in your mind and body and to start the day with enhanced vitality.

My AM UGI routine is only 15 minutes and….

  • Is done barefoot and in my pajamas or comfy clothes
  • Is not meant to burn a tonne of calories, or sculpt or kick your ass.
  • Is done gently, slowly and mindfully.
  • Uses just enough muscle work to heat up, loosen up and get a nice glow.
  • Is a simple yet extremely powerful way to start the day.


UGI 8lbs

UGI Fitness App (Free on iTunes) or interval timer  (set to 15 X 1:00 minute intervals)

Step (The Step, Deck, or use your stairs)UGI Exercises step up | Radiance Wellness by Shari Feuz

The Exercises

  1. UGI Toe taps (March, alternating tapping foot on UGI, swing arms too)
  2. Up & Over UGI
  3. March (onto Step hold UGI, alternate lead leg after 30 secs)
  4. Squat to curl to overhead press (reach really high for a great stretch)
  5. UP & Over Step (hold UGI)
  6. UGI Deadlifts
  7. UGI Swings
  8. Single leg step-up L (hold hip flexor stretch @ bottom for 2 secs)
  9. Single leg step-up R (hold hip flexor stretch @ bottom for 2 secs)
  10. UGI Row (Don’t forget to squeeze shoulder blades together)
  11. UGI Exercises dolphin | Radiance Wellness by Shari FeuzAlternating elbow drops (See image —>)
  12.  UGI Hip Raise from Bridge (UGI on Pelvis)
  13.  UGI Dolphins   (See image —>)
  14.  Hamstring Stretch (Sit on UGI with outstretched legs, forward bend until you feel a stretch)
  15.  Gratitude Meditation (One minute of stillness and quietness to give thanks, or stay longer)

Exercises Core 2- Elbow drops






Happy Cobweb clearing!


Author: Shari Zisk

Shari Zisk B.A., has been a fitness professional for over 20 years. She was born, raised and spent most of her fitness career in British Columbia, Canada. She now lives in the United States splitting time between Los Angeles and Atlanta. Shari writes full time about how to sweat, nourish and glow!

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