A balance board strength & sculpt workout

Balance board workout Str8 arm plank

A balance board can be used for so much more than just standing on.  Here is a 20-minute strength & sculpting workout you can do with your wobble board. See the exercises below or download the PDF here! 



20-Minute Balance Board Strength Workout #1

  1. Squats- Wide Stance
  2. Push-ups
  3. Squats- Narrow Stance
  4. Over head press
  5. 1/1/3 Squats
  6. Up & Over push-upsBalance board workout iso lunge
  7. Split squat-Front leg on L
  8. Split squat-Front leg on R
  9. Tricep pushups
  10. Split squats-rear leg on L
  11. Split squats-rear leg on R
  12. Str8 arm plank
  13. Side squat L
  14. Side squat R
  15.  V-sit twists
  16. 90/90 Hip raise
  17. Single leg hip raise L
  18. Single leg hip raise R
  19. Single leg deadlifts L
  20. Single leg deadlifts R
Balance board workout bicep curls

Balance board workout

Perform 1:00 minute intervals (or 20 repetitions) of each exercise. Add more reps to increase intensity or perform all exercises a second time.



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