5-Minute core workout-UGI style

  Ugi Fitness Ball | Photo credit: Shari Feuz Radiance Wellness Especially for my friends with a UGI Ball, here is a 5-minute core training workout you will love. See the exercises below or download the PDF here! (Don't have a UGI? You can do this workout with a Bosu & medicine ball)  5-Minute Core Workout #1

1) Plank + Alternating toe taps

 2) V-Sit + alternating elbow drops

3)  Myotatic crunch

 4) V-Sit + windmill

 5) V-Sit + UGI toss

 6) Half crunch + heel drop

Perform 20 repetitions of each exercise. Repeat twice. Add more reps to increase intensity or perform all exercises a third time.

UGI Exercises Core 6           UGI Exercises Core 2
          UGI Exercises Core 5         UGI Exercises Core 1 UGI Exercises Core 3
        UGI Exercises Core 4             More Grab & Go workouts here Let me know how it goes! Happy Training,  Shari

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