5-Minute core workout-UGI style


Ugi Fitness Ball | Photo credit: Shari Feuz Radiance Wellness
Especially for my friends with a UGI Ball, here is a 5-minute core training workout you will love. See the exercises below or download the PDF here! (Don’t have a UGI? You can do this workout with a Bosu & medicine ball) 

5-Minute Core Workout #1

1) Plank + Alternating toe taps

 2) V-Sit + alternating elbow drops

3)  Myotatic crunch

 4) V-Sit + windmill

 5) V-Sit + UGI toss

 6) Half crunch + heel drop

Perform 20 repetitions of each exercise. Repeat twice. Add more reps to increase intensity or perform all exercises a third time.

UGI Exercises Core 6






UGI Exercises Core 2






UGI Exercises Core 5





UGI Exercises Core 1

UGI Exercises Core 3





UGI Exercises Core 4







More Grab & Go workouts here

Let me know how it goes!

Happy Training, 


Author: Shari Zisk

Shari Zisk B.A., has been a fitness professional for over 20 years. She was born, raised and spent most of her fitness career in British Columbia, Canada. She now lives in the United States splitting time between Los Angeles and Atlanta. Shari writes full time about how to sweat, nourish and glow!

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