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Pre-workout energizer by Vega Sport | Radiance WellnessI don’t review supplements.  That is because I generally don’t use them, I have no formal training in nutrition and it’s beyond the scope of my practice to make nutritional recommendations to my clients.

So consider this a story, not a review. A story of how I kicked my own ass while cranked up on pre-workout energizer.


Setting the Scene

I had set my interval timer for 40 one minute intervals. I had planned a 40-minute high intensity workout of whole body movements (squats, presses, lunges, woodchops, etc…).

I set up my dumbells, Step, UGI Ball, Versa Fit Log, Resistance Bands, Bender Ball etc..  for  a workout that would keep my heart rate super high for 40 minutes for cardio effects and max energy expenditure. Big functional movements with no rest, incorporating some heavy lifts for strength and sculpting. Exciting stuff! (See the full workout at the end of this post)


Pre-workout energizer Vega Sport | Image credit Amazon.com

20 minutes before showtime I drank a glass of Pre-Workout Energizer. Yes, that’s the official name, an energy drink from the Vega Sport line of plant based performance enhancers (aren’t most stimulants from plants?).

The little 540g tub was a gift I received from my sister who insisted I try it out. (Gotta love it when your family supports your active lifestyle and puts workout energizers in your Christmas stocking instead of chocolates.)


Let’s just say that when I hit interval 40 it felt like interval 5. I felt ‘warmed-up’ and ready for the real workout. I should have been a puddle of sweat and tears on the floor, instead I hit reset on my timer and did 40 more 1:00 intervals.

That is 80 sets of high-intensity power moves. I actually considered hitting reset again but didn’t want to compromise mobility for three days. Hmmmm….what exactly was in this little tub?

What’s in it?

The key ingredients are:

  • Coconut seed
  • Kombucha
  • Yerba Mate
  • Devils’ claw
  • Rhodiola root
  • Green Tea
  • Bonus: Dairy, gluten and soy free


Always a skeptic,  I decided to replicate the experiment. 4 days later I set up the same scene. This time I set up for 45  X 1:00 intervals. Yup, 90 intervals later I finally had to stop. Same effect.

Physical effects:

  • Absence of pain
  • Incredible endurance
  • High resistance to fatigue
  • No jitters

Mental effects:

  • Feeling of invincibility
  • A strange (but good) mental calmness


As you guessed I was wired until the wee hours of the morning.  I sent a message to my sister thanking her for the gift, and sharing my story. She had made the mistake of taking a scoop before work one day, “way too much stimulation for office work, make sure you are about to expend alot of energy before you take it”.

I look forward to using the rest of this ‘drill-sargent-in-a -tub’ to turbo charge my workouts…beach season is coming!

Vega Sport Website

Book Review: The Thrive Diet, by Brendan Brazier, formulator of PRE

Happy Training, 


I have absolutely no affiliation with Vega. Just sharin’ my story.


Have you tried Pre-Workout Energizer by Vega? What was your experience like?

Do you use other energizers before your workout?

The workout (40 X 1:00 Intervals)


  • UGI Ball (8lbs)
  • Versafit Log (20lbs)
  • Dumbells (25lbs)
  • Mighy Bands (5 strengths)
  • Bender Ball
  • The Step
  • Mat
  1.  UGI Swings
  2.  UGI Squat to overhead press
  3.  UGI Alternating shoulder press
  4.  UGI Alternating side squats on Step
  5.  UGI woodchop L
  6.  Dumbbell Chest press
  7.  UGI Woodchop R
  8.  Versafit log overhead shoulder press
  9.  Versafit log Classic Squats
  10.  Versafit log Walking Lunges
  11.  Versafit log Deadlifts
  12.  Tricep push-ups
  13.  Single leg deadlifts L (25lbs DB)
  14.  Single leg deadlifts R (25lbs DB)
  15.  Dumbell Row L
  16.  Dumbell Row R
  17.  Versafit log Step-ups L
  18.  UGI up & over push-ups
  19.  Versafit log Step-ups R
  20.  Dumbbell Chest press
  21.  Resistance band Pull aparts
  22.  Single Arm Resistance band Bicep curls L
  23.  Single Arm Resistance band Bicep curls R
  24.  Versafit log Split squat L
  25.  UGI Oblique Crunches
  26.  Versafit log Split squat R
  27.  Lateral shoulder raise
  28.  UGI Hip raise
  29.  UGI Crunches
  30.  UGI Oblique Twists
  31.  UGI Side Plank L
  32.  UGI Dead Spiders
  33.  UGI Side plank R
  34.  Bender ball Crunches
  35.  Benderball Oblique twists
  36.  UGI Russian Twist
  37.  UGI V-sit overhead toss
  38.  UGI Donkey kicks L
  39.  UGI Donkey kicks R
  40.  Quadruped

Yup, repeat twice.


Author: Shari Zisk

Shari Zisk B.A., has been a fitness professional for over 20 years. She was born, raised and spent most of her fitness career in British Columbia, Canada. She now lives in the United States splitting time between Los Angeles and Atlanta. Shari writes full time about how to sweat, nourish and glow!

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