5 cool pieces of fitness equipment you might be lucky enough to see in your gym soon

Matrix G3 Functional TrainerThis past week I had the fortunate opportunity to network with a select group of fitness equipment suppliers at a Fitness Industry Suppliers Association (FISA) event in Orlando Florida.

Here are some of the standout pieces of fitness equipment and tools that peaked my interest and are now on my Fitness Wish List!




1) It’s rugged out there

Matrix 3G Functional Trainer

You won’t come across too many perfectly round handles as you scale the face of a mountain and that is exactly why the brilliant designers at Matrix Fitness designed pull-up grips that simulate a rugged climbing environment. Check out the Matrix Functional Trainer with climbing grips.

Full Specs

Matrix Website

Bonus: A built-in pull down step serves as a ladder so you can reach the pull-up grips without having to drag a bench over to stand on!


2) A funky looking treadmill that is functional, super comfy & green

The Curve treadmill by Woodway is motorless. Despite missing what one may think is a key component of a treadmill this unique piece has enough advantages to seriously compete with it’s electrical counterpart. The frictionless rubber track runs along ball bearings in a unique gravity assisting curve design.

Woodway curve treadmil

Why I like it? 

-No motor = no power = no cords & no electrical costs.

-No friction = no wear and tear= no downtime & low maintenance costs.

-Rubber running surface for cushioning and comfort, even barefoot.

-It’s functional, your muscles drive the leg back, not a motor. Full force hip extension while running is how an athlete should train.

-No motor means no delayed start, just hop on and go, great for intervals and circuits.


Bonus: The Woodway crew insisted I try the Curve barefoot.  I don’t know how will I ever go back to running in shoes on a firm tread.

Woodway website

3) Max glute activation for all populations

Strong glutes and hip extensors are the secret to staying mobile and independent into old age and the Octane Fitness xR650 Seated Elliptical is a smart solution for my active aging clients who need to keep their heart healthy and legs strong but may not be able to stand and or bear weight for extended periods of time.

Why I like it?

Octane Fitness xR6 seated elliptical

-The elliptical leg motion allows for full hip extension and max glute activation

-The convergent arms provide a functional movement pattern

-Multi-grip arm handles

-You can peddle backwards unlike on a stationary cycle

-Step through design means easy access for all levels of mobility

-You can rest your feet on the foot pegs, bump up the resistance and get an upper body only workout.

See the Octane xR650 Seated Elliptical in action

Octane Fitness xRide Series Ellipticals from Octane Fitness on Vimeo.

 Full Specs

Octane  Website

4) Accountability, motivation and camaraderie right before your eyes

Adherence to an activity program is increased when you are held accountable, when you are with friends, and when there is a bit of friendly competition. My Zone’s realtime workout stats projected on the wall in front of your fitness class means that you are always in the Zone, your personal zone.  All you have to do is wear a heart rate belt.

Why I like it?

-Color coded zones for simple workout intensity tracking right before your eyes. Red means ease up, green means pick-it-up.MYZONE How simple is that?

-Personal and group calorie counting makes for great goal setting.

-Everyone is working in their pre-set personal zone.

-Track your at-home and outdoor workouts for goal setting and accountability.

-All data is stored in the cloud for instant access.

-Full online tracking, charting and progress monitoring you and your trainer can use.

-Set goals & challenge your friends, all you have to do is show up, no tedious record keeping.

-No data entry required. It’s automatically downloaded when you are near the kiosk.

Myzone Website

5) A perfect union of high-tech cardio equipment and functional strength tools for today’s fast-paced cross-training style workouts. 

The Octane Fitness Cross Circuit Elliptical Kit is a full elliptical with an integrated dumbell rack on the back. The add-on powerstand can hold a set of adjustable Power blocks that can be quickly adjusted form 4-50 lbs.

Octane Fitness Circuit Kit

Why I like it?

-Small footprint for an elliptical

-Get-on-and-go. Octane’s self generating ellipticals mean you are up and running within seconds making transitions to strength intervals super fast.

-Optional fixed footplates make getting on and off a bit smoother.

Full Specs

Octane  Website


Happy training,




1) Have you tried any funky new pieces of fitness equipment lately?

2) What is your new or classic favorite training tool?




Author: Shari Zisk

Shari Zisk B.A., has been a fitness professional for over 20 years. She was born, raised and spent most of her fitness career in British Columbia, Canada. She now lives in the United States splitting time between Los Angeles and Atlanta. Shari writes full time about how to sweat, nourish and glow!

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