Surprise! The unexpected benefits of becoming physically active.

Surprise benefits of becoming physically activeI often think that I should remove the “what are your goals?” section of my New Client Questionnaire. Almost everyone checks the same three goals: lose weight, tone up, get healthy.

It is my job to dig a little deeper and help you refine those goals so they are specific, measurable, and realistic and have an emotional element to them. However,  there are an endless number of unexpected benefits of getting fit that we don’t even plan for, they just sort of happen and people end up stumbling across them much to all of our surprise.

One of my favorite things is to hear about these surprise benefits. I have collected them from my clients over the years and share some of them here.

Life is better

“When I am at the lake, it is much easier stepping out of the boat onto the dock, I feel more stable”

“In some of the places in Japan the washrooms were filthy, I never sat on the toilet seats and I noticed how easy squatting is now”

“I find it easier putting on my seatbelt, it is like I can twist around better now.”

“It is easier getting in and out of my car”

“I am so much faster when I chase the puck, even my teammates have noticed”

“Wrestling with my 17 year old son, he was starting to get stronger than me, now he can’t touch me”

“There is no way I would have been able to go on that trek a year ago. I saw so much more of Australia than I would have without training.”

So worth it

“I have to take all of my suits in and have them altered because my shoulders have gotten broader”

“I have to buy all new clothes now”

Happy Doctors

“My blood pressure dropped 20 points”

“I am no longer pre-diabetic”

“The first season I didn’t pull my groin in hockey”

“The weird pain in my hip disappeared and its been there for two years”

Glowing reviews

“A girl at work told me she knew I was working out because my skin was glowing”

“Everyone guessed I was 34. I am 45”

“I finally had enough courage to wear a fitted shirt today. Everyone was complimenting me”

“This is the first sleeveless shirt I have bought in years”


“I always sleep like a baby on the days that I workout”

“Something has changed. Before, if I was tired and didn’t feel like working out my workout only made me more tired. Now no matter how tired I am about halfway through my workout I get a burst of energy  and feel awesome. And it happens every single time.”

Don’t these real life stories inspire you to get active? No one knows what surprises your new active lifestyle will bring, aren’t you curious to find out? I do guarantee one thing and that is life is easier when you are fit.

Happy Training,



Did you  notice any surprise benefits once you started your fitness program?

Have you noticed surprise changes in your friends or family once they started a fitness program?

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