Problogger Challenge: My 7 Links

What a fun post idea. Here are my 7 Links as part of the Problogger challenge.

My first post

Attempting to establish some credibility. I remember hitting publish and felt like I was about to step onto a stage.

A few words on becoming a master personal trainer

A post I enjoyed writing the most

When I can apply success stories from different industries and fields to fitness, the result can be very educational and powerful.

3 things Starbucks can teach us about reaching our fitness goals

A post which had a great discussion

A billion dollar industry this year alone, this is the buzz in the fitness industry.

Can these shoes really tone your legs and butt just by walking?

A post on someone else’s blog that I wish I’d written

Written by Leo Babauta on Zen Habits, this post is really all we ever really need to know. It’s that simple.

The Simple Fitness Rules

My most helpful post

This post contains info that will prevent a lot of injuries in newbie exercisers. Everyone falls into one  or all of these categories.

7 reasons why you should have a posture analysis before you begin a strength and conditioning program

A post with a title that I am proud of

I love to write and to promote fitness and wellness and I enjoy when my message penetrates all types of industries (ie: bloggers and techies).

This is your neck on blogging

A post that I wish more people had read

Young girls are the future. This true story demonstrates how women perpetuate body image disorders through their daughters.

Don’t forget to tell your daughter how beautiful her quadriceps are

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