3 things Starbucks can teach us about reaching our fitness goals

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If you don’t know what Starbucks is this article will be of little value to you. I suspect most of you will continue to read. That makes my point. From a business perspective  the rise of Starbucks is a phenomenal success story.
Here are some things you may not know about Starbucks and how we can apply it to our own health and fitness goals.

Did you know? More than 100 potential investors turned down Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and his vision of a chain of gourmet coffee shops.
What does this mean for you? If you have tried a fitness program, a diet, a personal trainer, an exercise class or any other strategy and you didn’t get results, didn’t enjoy it or just didn’t stick with it. Keep trying. Maybe the next type of class you try will resonate with you, or maybe you will just ‘click’ with the next trainer you work with. Maybe the next nutrition program you try provides all the the right elements to keep you on track. Keep on searching!

Did you know? Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was dead set against the idea of serving Frappucino’s. He felt that ‘cold coffee’ was incongruent with his vision of a specialty shop that served authentic italian coffee drinks. As you know, Frappuccino’s have become a best seller and are a summer time staple in many of our lives. “Turning down Frappuccino was the best mistake I never made,” said Schultz.
What does this mean for you? Try something new. Try something different. You know those limiting words we repeat to ourselves far too often “That’s not for me”. Instead say “why not?”. Try something that might seem a bit out of your comfort zone. Maybe it is attending a Zumba fitness class, maybe it is learning to rock climb, maybe it is drinking a spinach smoothie. Just try it.

Did you know? Part of Howard Schultz original vision for Starbucks coffee shops was that every store would serve as his customers ‘third home’. His shops would be an extension of the home where one can sit, sip coffee, and interact with people, strangers and friends alike.
What does this mean for you? Think of leading an active lifestyle like having a third home (or fourth home if you have a favorite Starbucks). This may be an activity you can do or a place you can go that is comfortable, a place to meet up with your friends or meet new people. This might be your local gym or community center, it might be a weekly hiking group or a morning walking group. It might be a partner workout with your best friend or group training for a charity walk. Being active is a lifestyle, make it an extension of your home, and make it social.

Life is busy. When we adjust our lives so that our leisure time is spent not only with people we care about but also being physically active and making healthy lifestyle choices, we all prosper (and lose weight).

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Pour your heart into it. How Starbucks created a company one cup at a time, by Howard Schultz.


Do you have a third home? What/where is it?

Do you think of the time you spend at your gym or community center as an enjoyable part of your day or more of a chore?

We tend to be more active when our peers are active. Do you feel you challenged by having inactive friends?

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