A winter Olympics in my backyard

2010 Winter Olympics Vancouver

The world’s largest celebration of sport is about to take place in my back yard, no really, my backyard.  Here is my first post covering the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver British Columbia Canada as seen by a resident living in the heart of the Olympic Zone.

Each of the above images were taken within three blocks of my home in Vancouver and is a sneak peak at a city in preparation to host the world, and to celebrate the highest level of dedication to athletic excellence.

Image locations and descriptions

A mural at the entrance to the Stadium/Chinatown skytrain station. This station is only a few feet away from Canada Hockey Place and B.C. Place,  LiveCity Downtown and connected to the Olympic pedestrian zone. This skytrain station is estimated to see over a 100,000 people per day during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Banners in front of GM Place (Canada Hockey Place).

Hundreds of mini Inukshuks line the shore across from Olympic Athletes Village.

A Vancouver 2010 Banner.

Security cameras are everywhere in the Olympic red zone.

A banner on the side of GM place (Canada Hockey Place).

More pics coming soon!

2010 Winter Olympics Official Website

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