Holiday Survival Guide- Staying fit through the madness

Battling with baked goodies?
Battling with baked goodies?

Yes there is a lot to celebrate, but the joy of the season doesn’t have to send you backwards on your health and fitness journey. Here are some of my favorite strategies to keep you moving forward during the holidays.

Ration your goodie sampling
So many baked goods and so much wine. For many people December is filled with 3 or more holiday gatherings per week for the whole month. Ration your holiday splurges by sitting down with your schedule at the beginning of each week. Designate 1 event (preferable the last one of the week) where you are permitted to sample the treats (in moderation of course) and enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail. The rest of the events are strictly treat and wine free.

Disguise your fitness as family fun
Plan an exciting afternoon with the family (but secretly it’s your workout). Ice skating can elevate the heart rate to burn a tonne of calories, and is a great glute toning exercise. Throw in a couple of squats, sprint after the kids and you are covered for your daily activity requirements. Haul a toboggan up a hill and watch your heart rate rise and your legs burn, or simply haul a kid-filled sled around the neighborhood to look at holiday lights.

Recruit your favorite instructor
Fitness classes are often cancelled during the holidays because of low attendance and or limited facility hours. But guess what? Many fitness instructors would love to keep working over the holidays. Contact your favorite spin, pilates, bootcamp instructor for a semi-private class. Recruit a couple of your friends and colleagues for a ‘private’ holiday workout or two (split the cost…or make it your gift to your friends). The instructor can customize the class for your group.  You will be more likely not to skip your workouts, plus you can stay social with your pals.

Happy Holidays!

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What strategies do you use to keep on track during the holidays?

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