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Shari Feuz Kinesiologist and personal trainer

“The way to expand our lives is to model the lives of those people who are already succeeding” says Anthony Robbins (Awaken the giant within). Nothing can be more true when it comes to getting the body you want.

A body like hers

I spent three years as a personal trainer in a women’s only fitness club and I can assure you that such venues are the training grounds for ultra fit, gorgeous and talented women. Many times while showing a newbie around the gym she would lean in to me and whisper “I want a body like hers”, and subtly point out a woman with a great physique. In every instance I have been able to respond the same way. “If you want a body like hers, observe these three things about her and model them:”

  1. How often she works out
  2. The intensity of her workouts
  3. How focused she is during her workouts

In every fitness venue I have trained every great physique always belonged to the person who showed up at least three times per week, exercised at a high level of intensity and focused on the workout instead of reading, chatting or watching TV.

Try this

The next time you are in the gym choose two different people’s intensity to ‘model’ for 5 minutes each. Choose one person who is focused and intense and a second who is meandering, chatting and exerting little effort. How do you feel modeling each person?


It is OK to model someone’s’ intensity, but not their whole workout or selection of exercises. You will need a custom program created around your ability and your goals.

Talkback Questions

Who is your model of fit behaviour?

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