Can these shoes really tone your legs and butt just by walking?


Reebok’s new EasyTone shoes for women make a lot of promises I believe can be delivered as long as you lace up with the right mindset.

With record breaking sales on and positive chatter in fitness forums these shoes are hot right now! Isn’t it ironic that after decades of crafting athletic shoes to be ultra efficient that we now find ourselves choosing a shoe that makes us work harder with every step? 28% harder to be exact, according to Reebok’s reports of increased gluteal activity during walking. Can the result really be a firmer butt and legs?

Burn more calories

Innovative balance pods in the sole of the shoes create natural instability with every step. While research in sports conditioning shows that unstable surface training (UST) may not be ideal for athletic skills development (more on UST), the good news is that the unstable surface created by the balance pods requires more energy by forcing the muscles to work harder with each step. Think running in sand. But is it enough to see physique changes? Yes, if you use your EasyTones as part of a smart and consistent activity program.

Trend history

The EasyTone hype reminds me of the big exercise ball boom a decade ago.  At one time the fitness store I worked at was inflating over 500 fitness balls each week. One woman’s misguided excitement stays with me to this day. She approached me with her brand new ball tucked under her arm. “I hear these things are amazing” she said, “so how is it going to help me lose weight?”

This woman’s faulty mindset about changing her body is the same that I see surfacing with fitness gear such as Reebok’s Easytone shoes. When we believe that the secret to changing how our body looks, feels or performs is dependent on a piece of equipment, then we really are not armed with the right understanding and strategy to see results.

The right strategy

To get the most out of your EasyTone shoes and to see changes in your physique such as more definition in your thighs and butt, set some smart training goals and stick to your activity schedule. Here’s how:

  1. Commit to a physical activity schedule.  Look at your weekly schedule and identify a cumulative total of at least 150 minutes where you can fit in physical activity (that is only 30 minutes on 5 days of the week). Write these sessions in your day planner and do not schedule over them! Your sessions might include something as simple as leaving fifteen minutes earlier to walk to work, walking 10 minutes on your lunch break, an afternoon workout, or after dinner family walk.
  2. Set measurable goals for each bout of activity. Use a pedometer and set daily step goals (ie: 10,000 steps per day), or set a measured walking route (ie: 10 blocks) Measurable goals are the key to success!
  3. Use classic strategies to move in your EasyTones more everyday: park in the furthest parking stall from your destination, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to amenities in your neighborhood instead of driving.
  4. Apply principles of progression and recovery to avoid injury and overtraining. This means start gradually, and allow sore muscles a day or two of rest. Once you reach a level or intensity that is comfortable, kick it up a notch to keep progressing.
  5. Complement your EasyTone walking with a balanced strength training routine. This may require cross training shoes that support heavier lifting, lateral movement and impact, depending on your personal program.

As with any training tool success comes with a smart strategy and consistancy. Wearing Reebok Easytone shoes are a fun and stylish way to support your commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle.

TalkBack Questions

What are your experiences with Reebok EasyTone or other unstable footwear?

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2 thoughts on “Can these shoes really tone your legs and butt just by walking?

  1. Great blog! Most people think that they will lose weight just by putting these shoes on and not partaking in conmsistent exercise, and then get dissapointed when they don’t see any results! These shoes are great for people who are willing to exercise but just want something extra to incorporate into their physical activity to push them a bit harder! I wear them regularly and just go for a walk on my lunch break and they have really toned my butt up!

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