This is your neck on blogging


Actually, this is my neck and I have only been blogging for a few weeks.  This week my adventures in preventative health included an assessment of my spine where I discovered that I am not as fit and healthy as I thought!

Take a close look at the curves in my cervical spine as indicated by the red line. The ideal cervical curve is represented by the black line. Instead of a smooth bow shaped curve, my curve has taken on more of a reverse ‘S’ shape.

This is classified as a phase 1 subluxation which means that there is a loss of curvature and the disc spaces between the vertebrae are beginning to decrease. Yikes!

So far I am free of back, neck or other pain problems and I still have full function. However if there is progression to Phase 2 I may start to see degeneration such as spurs or arthritis, possible compression and nerve pressure, and eventual loss of range of motion (not if I can help it!). The good news is that I should be able to restore my spine to optimal alignment in 6 months with chiropractic care.

As a personal trainer I enjoy an extremely active and dynamic workday,  so I am actually more concerned about the necks of you 16-hours-a-day-at-the-computer types.

What can you do to keep your spine healthy?

Take care of your spine!

  • Have a professional analyze your computer workstation and adjust for ergonomic alignment.
  • Avoid slouching at your computer (Reclining is best).
  • Make sure your strength training routine is balanced so it does not promote poor posture.
  • Do you already look like Quasimodo? A chiropractor can perform a full assessment to give you a snapshot of your spinal health and suggest a corrective strategy.

Credit: X-rays taken and reviewed by Dr. Alain Desaulniers, Chiropractor at Performance Posture Clinic in Vancouver B.C.

Talkback Questions

Slouchers, are you inspired to explore your spine health?

Did your mother always remind you to ‘sit up tall’?

Have a look around your office right now. Do you see any heads drooping in front of the shoulders?

What are your experiences with Chiropractic care?

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  3. Yikes, mine is a little worse than yours. My chiro is talking about a traction mechanism that can be used 2x daily for 10 minutes to flex the neck, and stretch the muscles in the front of my neck that are constricted. ever heard of this?

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