Hey fashionistas, want to look better in your clothes?

Overtraining certain muscles in the gym can actually cause poor posture which will alter how your clothes fit your body.

I am all for hitting the floor and knocking off a set of push-ups, however overtraining the pectoral (chest) muscles, (prime movers during a push-up) can actually create an unsightly postural imbalance. Over-tight pecs contribute to the ‘hunchback’ effect by pulling the shoulders forward and out of alignment. This is especially true if your strength training program does not include a balance of back work also.

When your chest muscles are tight and back muscles are weak, chances are the seams on your clothes just won’t line up they way they are supposed to.


  • The back of blouses and jackets will lift slightly off the buttocks and hang lower in the front
  • Dresses will sit higher in the back than the front and appear sloped at the hemline.
  • Bra straps loose tension and buckle
  • Fabric will ‘drape’ loosely in front of the body instead of accentuating curves
  • Fabric bunches in the front of the shoulders
  • The chest may collapse downward pushing belly fat over the pants

Quick fix

  1. For every pushing exercise you do, ensure that you are doing at least 1 pulling exercise also (ie; lat pulldown, seated row)
  2. Stretch your chest muscles regularly (hold at least 30 seconds)
  3. Practice good posture at your computer, wallking, standing and during your workouts..I guess that is everywhere!


Tomorrow when you are walking down the street, check out the posture of the people you see on the street. If they have rounded shoulders, see if you can spot some of the above mentioned ways their clothes hang.


Send me your strength training routine. A quick look and I’ll be able to determine if your program promotes rounded shoulders!

Coming soon

Part II: Tight hips and how your clothes fit

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